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PredictWallStreet offers customized development and implementation of our technology. We provide design, build, hosting and support services for easy-to-use investor sentiment tools that integrate real-time sentiment information with highly engaging content.

With the dynamic conditions of financial markets, it is critical that retail banks, private banks, investment companies, online brokers, exchanges and media portals strive to optimize their content and user experience with interactive tools and unique market data.

PredictWallStreet offers customizable modular tools like stock prediction functionality, sentiment trend charts, sentiment meters, individual user accuracy, reputation-based community features, and InstantTrade™ and Distributed Social™ technology. These managed solutions, now used by multiple organizations throughout the US, provide partners with current investor sentiment information in easy-to-use interfaces.

Through customized development and implementation services of its offerings, PredictWallStreet employs innovative technology designed to help clients realize value from investor sentiment data. PredictWallStreet's patented algorithms deliver insight beyond simple poll results and provide actionable information for individual and institutional investors.

PredictWallStreet's customized financial information systems are designed to provide financial institutions and media portals with the ability to:

  1. Minimize development, infrastructure and data costs
  2. Increase user engagement
  3. Gain access to real-time investor sentiment data
  4. Focus on core competency

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