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Ten years ago, Dr. Craig Kaplan had an idea: If investors shared their stock market predictions, they could harness their power of collective intelligence and gain a genuine edge in the market.

PredictWallStreet was founded on this original insight. Since 2007, when it began publishing its 1-Day Stock Forecasts based on the community's predictions, PredictWallStreet's Forecasts have beaten the S&P 500 by an average of 15.4% annually.

The theory

Since PredictWallStreet was founded in 2005, we have learned that there are two effective ways to glean valuable insights from the community:

The Crowd

Collective Intelligence - the Crowd

No matter how skilled, a hedge fund manager is only one person. That person may have strengths in certain areas as well as flaws, biases, and weakness in others. When the skills and intelligence of an entire community are aggregated, the flaws and biases cancel each other out- revealing the 'collective intelligence' of the community.

In addition to this, the community reveals to itself its own real time 'sentiment' – whether people feel bearish or bullish about a particular stock at any given point in time. This information has enormous value as it can signal trading behavior.

Finally, sometimes the community as a whole has a bias. Sometimes, for whatever reason, the community is consistently wrong about a particular stock or index. As long as that inaccuracy is strong and consistent, it can be a strong contrarian indicator.

The Hidden Experts

Collective Intelligence - the Experts

In the world of investment, not everyone is created equal. Some traders are better than others, and a select few are exceptional. If you pull from a large enough sample size, somewhere in there is the next Warren Buffett or George Soros. But amid so many competing investment theories, often espoused by someone on Wall Street trying to sell you something, how can you have a chance of finding those invaluable "needles in the haystack"? And even if you were able to find them, how could you learn about their investment philosophies and follow their exact stock predictions of the past and future?

Here at PredictWallStreet, we collect and track predictions over many years. We are in a unique position to find these people and share their insights with you.

How it can help you

There are several effective and interesting ways in which all of this can help you, depending on who you are:

  • Make a Prediction to Access the Valuable Information we Have for you

    Make a prediction: will a particular stock go up or down over the next market open day, in a week, in a month, or in 3 months? Once you make a prediction you will see real-time community sentiment polls, prediction accuracy graphs, the total number of historical predictions backing it up, and other relevant information.

  • Look at the Sentiment Poll Results for Stocks you are Interested in

    This can give you a sense of where the stock might be likely to go. To be effective at this, first, look at the accuracy of the community when predicting on that stock and the total number of historical predictions backing it up. If the accuracy is very strong (54%+), then that is a good indication (but not a guarantee) that the community may be correct (again). If the accuracy hovers around 50%, it is probably not actionable. If it is consistently markedly inaccurate, that may indicate an underlying shared bias of the community and you may want to consider this to be a contrarian indicator – i.e. a sign for you to do the opposite of the community's sentiment.

  • Find and Learn From the Experts

    PredictWallStreet gives you the unique ability to find, follow, and learn from the Hidden Experts of the community.

  • Get Practice Predicting Stocks

    PredictWallStreet is a perfect place for you to try out your stock picking skills before you dive into trading with real money. You can track your prediction accuracy, create watchlists, gain recognition, and even compete against others in contests to win cash prizes.

  • Win Real Money

    Win cash prizes of $100, $50, and $25 in either of our two stock prediction contests.

  • Get Some Respect

    Sick of no one taking your financial ideas seriously? Come to PredictWallStreet and prove your value to the stock prediction community, and to yourself. Your prediction accuracy will help you keep an eye on your success, and you can easily compare your prediction accuracy to anyone else's in the community.

  • Access Actionable Daily Stock Forecasts

    PredictWallStreet puts all of this data, and all of these principles, to work in the daily stock forecasts we release. The Forecasts are released ahead of the opening bell every market day, and are valid for that trading day. Historical performance is no guarantee of future performance, but historically, given our 15.4% annual return edge on the market, through good and bad times, the odds would have been on your side in the past.

  • Have Fun

    Participate in stock prediction contests-win real money for making the most correct predictions, meet other stock predictors, and learn from the stock prediction community.